About Us

Welcome to Georgetown Partners in Education!

 Amy K. Brown, Executive Director

 Amy K. Brown, Executive Director

We are a community-supported 501c3 non-profit dedicated to strengthening the connections between our community and schools.

  • Our “Classroom Partners” program trains volunteers to provide academic and social support in elementary school classrooms.
  • Our “Lunch & Learn” series provides a forum for continuing education and training, raising the knowledge level and understanding of those who work with children and youth in Georgetown.
  • We are also a repository for community investment. We collect and distribute funds thorough our Innovative Teacher Grants and scholarships and “Business Partners” work with us to connect goods and services with educational needs.

We believe our schools are a reflection of our community; they reflect our values, our priorities, our hopes and dreams for our future. Schools thrive when parents are involved and the community embraces them. Our work is made possible through generous community gifts of time and resources.

If you’d like to find out more about schools in Georgetown, sign up for a school tour. We’d be delighted to show you around and let you see what makes our community and schools so special. 



Our Board

Jim Albers
Stephanie Blanck
Shane Boff
Sarah Brackmann
Rob Dyer
Bill Farney
Mard Herrick
Michelle Jones
Virginia Lazenby
Carlette Litterst
Janet Mitchell
Bob Villarreal
Jan Williams 


Past Board Chairs of Georgetown Partners in Education

Past Board Chairs of Georgetown Partners in Education

Georgetown Partners in Education was founded in 1994 as a cooperative partnership between the Georgetown Chamber of Commerce, Southwestern University, Georgetown Independent School District (GISD), and the community with a mission to “motivate and prepare Georgetown’s students not only for success in school, but also for success in the workplace, the community, and in their personal lives.” Over the years, Georgetown Partners in Education has developed a model of establishing innovative programs. Examples include: Parent Network, Business Link, Career Concentration, Seeds of Learning, Community Spotlight, Extended School Enrichment (ESE) and Project Mentor. Georgetown Partners in Education has most recently embarked on the development of its newest program, “Classroom Partners.”